Why Penis Enlargment Surgery Can Be A Dangerous Option To Make Your Dick Bigger

In the recent past, the demand for penis enlargement surgery has gone up. Thousands of men are looking at their mirrors and wished they had a longer and larger penis. If for years you have been looking for options to get a bit larger downstairs there the fact of the matter is you are not alone. You shouldn’t be ashamed as there are many other people out there just like you who are share the same problem.

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Penis Enlargement Surgery Doesn’t Come Without Its Risks…

How Penis Enlargement Surgery Works

Through a surgical procedure, your small penis is enlarged by over an inch. The surgeon carrying out the surgery normally cuts the ligaments that hold the organ in its normal position making it to slightly descend. Stretching devices or weights are then use for a few weeks to affect the needed permanent increase in size.

But What Are The Risks ?

Despite of an avalanche of risks that come with penis enlargement surgery, a lot of men are still going for it. Their desire to have a bigger penis has made these people to downplay a number of dangers that they are posing their lives to; below are risks and dangers normally associated with this kind of penile surgery.

Just like any other surgery something can really go wrong. Apart from excess bleeding, there have been cases where people have had their surrounding tissues and nerves endings damaged.

Post operation infection is another major risk. After a penis enlargement surgery, if proper care is no taken, a battle with some of the deadliest infections is imminent.

Many people have also had to battle with penis lightening. The blood stops flowing into the skin of penis resulting in some kind of ulceration.

Having an irregular penis after the surgery is also possible. Losing sensitivity and having fewer rigid erections are other dangers you clearly need to be aware of before you go for the enlargement.

Here’s Some Natural Alternatives For Penis Enlargement

Some people with the best microphones for recording ask about going for enlargement surgery, this begs the question,  without surgery? did you know there are other natural alternatives that can work like magic. The following is a rundown of some of them.


Doing a little massage is actually one of the most powerful natural ways to get a longer and firmer penis. The best part, you do not need any tool. All you need is at least 15 to 20 minutes of your time daily. You then massage your small penis gently. This simple process will effectively relax your penis and allow smooth circulation of blood making your penis bigger. Besides, there will be creation of new tissues that will eventually add up to the bulk of your god-given gift.

Extenders/Traction Devices

A silicone loop is normally fastened around the head to effectively hold the organ in position. 2 extension bars are the placed on the shaft to provide a traction force. You will have to adjust the bars as the penis grows in length. This method can increase both the length and thickness.


Another option is the use of penile enlargement pump. It is worn over the penis and is operated manually or using motor to create suction resulting in increases of the penis.

Always remember before choosing any of the methods above it’s always a safe practice to talk to your doctor first and learn as much as possible before you go ahead.

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